Beer (In order of appearance on the show)


Wychwood - Hobgoblin IPA

Schoppe Bräu - Holy Shit Ale


Hoppy People - Porn Star

Sheperd Neame - Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale

Faxe Extra Strong 10%

Braustüb’l - Sunlight Hops

Braustüb’l - Mokka Stout

Welde - Pepper Pils

Riedenburger Brauhaus - Dolden Dark Porter

Hanscraft & Co. - Backbone Splitter

Störtebeker - Hanse Porter

Wolfscraft - Super Lager

Tabernac Sugar Shack - Maple Syrup Double IPA

Grohe - Pils

Camba - Black Shark

Mikkeller - Stick a Finger in the Ground

Jack Daniel’s - Tennessee Cider

McGargles Irish Family Brewers - Granny Mary’s Red Ale

Ronald Dump

Steam Box Brewery - Derail ale

Mikkeller - Hair in the Mailbox

Aecht Schlenkerla - Rauchbier Märzen

Skyline - Red Ale

Becks - Pale Ale

Becks - Amber Lager

Gulpener - Ouid Bruin

Mashsee - Hafen Sänger Baltic Porter

Our Beer is important to us

Yes, Beer is important to us. So much so that we always capitalize the word Beer! We drink Beer on EVERY episode. Some Beers were amazing, and others… less amazing. But we are only two lowly drunkards in this wide, booze-filled world. Tell us what good Beers are missing from our list!