Getting sick sucks...

So here we are again… Another premier on the horizon, and I wake up with a voice that sounds like I was yelling my face off the night before at a high school football game. It is so frustrating, I can barely handle it. I honestly struggle with it emotionally because all I want is to get out there and do my job. But these 2 little strips of flesh that let us do what we do are pulling back on the reigns.

One of the most frustrating parts of it is how, like a russian sniper, this illness took out my cords. Nose isn’t running, throat isn’t that sore. Just my cords.

How do you guys deal with it when you are hit like this? You have prepared, worked, showed what you can do. You are excited and ready to get out there and prove yourself and then BOOM… you are out. God damn, it takes you out at the legs.

You also NEVER get used to it. You never get used to having to call someone up, who was having a normal work day with the production, and say ‘Sorry. I can’t come.’ It makes you feel weak. Like a loser. You imagine they are thinking to themselves, ‘Here we go again. That paper tiger Pegher is sick again.’

I honestly want to know. How do you people out there deal with it?

Anyway. This little baby has to get back to bed and get better. Fuck it, I want to sing this premier…