20 ACTUAL THOUGHTS I have had on stage during a performance

  1. What if I just jumped into the orchestra pit right now…

  2. Middle of an aria: God damn it, I love Cheez-its

  3. AWESOME IDEA FOR THE PODCAST COMES ‘YES. Remember to write that shit down when I get off stage.’ IDEA GONE 10 SECONDS LATER

  4. Beer


  6. My cords are feeling less than juicy today

  7. What opera is this again?

  8. OMG. I remember where I left my retainer in 6th grade!

  9. I miss home

  10. Wagner was a real son of a bitch

  11. I wonder how fast I could get out of my costume after the bows

  12. I can’t believe Tom Brady has 6 Superbowl rings

  13. My colleagues are so good. How the hell did I finangle my way into this gig?

  14. How many other technologically advanced civilizations are there in the universe? If they have music, what does it sound like? Do they sing? Do they give performances like this? OMG… Is there an alien out there somewhere giving a performance right now? Is it wondering something similar to what I am wondering? Does his high C sound better than mine?

  15. I definitely should have gone to the bathroom before this entrance…

  16. Damn it’s been a long time since the last show

  17. Sing an A backstage while the orchestra is tuning

  18. There is no demonstrable correlation between autism and vaccines. Also, the world is not flat.

  19. I wonder… If you could pick up all of the loose change just lying on the ground all over the world, how much money would you have?

  20. Beer

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