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Our Drinks



Welcome to Papa Gay knows! The digital bar of Sex Drugs and Opera. Visit our Beer list or the gallery below 👇 to see all of the Beers which have been featured on the podcast. With our Beer list, you can suggest a new Beer for us to imbibe! We recommend buying all of them, re-listening to the shows, and drinking along! That’s the FULL SDAO experience. And you get smashed. Drown those ‘Bad voice lesson’ blues!



Papa Gay Knows is not just some Beer swilling saloon. Oh no. We have some culture, too. Which means we have Cocktails! Check out our list of opera-themed ORIGINAL Cock-Tails! Many of these fine recipes were submitted by listeners because, you know, mostly boozers listen to us! 👇

You think you can come up with a better one? Prove it! Submit your cocktail below and we will feature it at Papa Gay Knows!