It all started when…

…we sat down to drink some beer after a show. Like always, we let loose on what went well that night, what got messed up, how awesome the music is… stuff like that. We started to get a little excited (and a little loud) about just how great the music was. To the outside observer, the noise we were making getting excited about this OPERA could have just as easily been the excitement of an NFL playoff game, or a rock concert!

THEN IT HIT US! Why don’t you ever hear opera talked about in this way on the air? Why are the TV and Radio waves reserved for the ‘reserved’? It did NOT make sense to us that the people involved in making opera, who are totally normal people, speak so differently about art than its critics and/or its commentators. Why the disconnect?!

It was time to do something about it. We resolved to put a new voice out there, one that talks about opera and art the way you would hear it in a bar after the show. THAT is real. That is the world of opera. So we bought the equipment, found a quiet, dank corner in a basement, and began to breath life into Sex, Drugs, and Opera. Damn has it been fun.